Blanko’s Vision

The ‘Blanko Foundation’ is an innovative platform where fresh cultural-sports events are being designed and organized. The Blanko Foundation’s mission is to unite alternative sports, music, film, party and lifestyle within an inspiring environment. These events are meant for young adults however not excluding other ages. While achieving our mission we aim to create a base of support amongst professional organizations. Alternative sports are gaining popularity with all ages especially young adults, however not many events cater to these type sports.

Mission statement

Play in the field of sports, culture and urban dynamics

Create a platform(web, print, social media) around a qualitative exalted and accessible music-, lifestyle- and sport event were young people meet each other, together with a high marketing value for partners.

We stand for authentic and pure sports events

With sports we want to play.
A focus on alternative sports.
Combined with Music & Lifestyle

That’s what we do!